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About Junk Etc

Junk Etc aim to recycle 90% of all waste collected. We are approved by the environmental agency, making sure we are as environmentally cautious as possible.

All rubbish that is collected by Junk Etc is checked by our professional team. This ensures that we put as little waste as possible into the landfill and comply with our 90% recycling aim.

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Junk Etc employees are trained and experienced in waste collection throughout Surrey. We are one of the best rubbish removal companies that provide a high quality and efficient service for affordable prices.

We collect waste from domestic and commercial locations.

Quick & efficient waste removal services in Surrey

This skip alternative service is carried out by numerous staff members, meaning the removal of waste is quicker and more efficient. We have had brilliant reviews from customers all over Surrey, including Crawley and Dorking. See more information.

About Junk Etc Rubbish Removals

In all of our rubbish collections, we think of the environment

Part of our ethos is to do all we can in the rubbish industry to be as environmentally cautious as we can be. All rubbish that we remove will go through our sifting team in Guildford to ensure that we put as little rubbish as possible into landfill. Find out about waste recycling.

There is very little that we won't be able to take away for you and there is even fewer materials that we take that we can't recycle in some form. If you wish to know more about whether or not your rubbish is recyclable or not, go to our recyclables or non-recyclables pages.

Covering all of Surrey

As a growing rubbish removal and clearance provider we are covering more locations every year. We are currently covering the whole of the Surrey area as well as surrounding areas. We are planning to expand further into the South-East and become one of the leading, sustainable rubbish removal providers. See what areas we cover.

Low cost rubbish clearance, £40 per removal

You can easily book online with Junk Etc by filling in our contact form. Leave us your name, contact details and the service you require. A member of Junk Etc will get back to you within 24 hours. Click here. Alternatively, call us on 0800 138 9100.

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" Great customer service, have already recommended Junk Etc. to all of my friends and family."

" Daniel - Woking"

Commercial Rubbish Clearance

Garden and Land Rubbish Clearance

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Junk Etc. offer an cheaper and more efficient alternative to skips with fast effficient rubbish clearance.

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